BikeBox foldable bicycle bag

November 2017

Materials: lasercut plywood, textile, metal fastenings

Team: Viesturs Laurs, Ilze Janpavle, Sander Tint

This project was made during a Garage48 hackathon event event!
My own main aim for attending this hackathon was to gain more experience within leading a team, pitching an idea and its solution and project management in general!

Our team consisted 4 people: me, Ilze Janpalve, Viesturs Laurs and Sander Tint. Our backgrounded contained industrial design, architecture, engineering, it, marketing, business etc. 

After pitching a general idea to focuse on making a cleverer and better version of bicycle basket, something that user can fold up, when not using, we started working. First we defined our user, by creating a user journey map and figuring out exactly, what do we want to achieve with this weekend! Then started testing out the bag using cardboard and textile.

After 48 hours of developing the solution, prototyping and practising presenting it - we presented our project among 18 other projects and GOT CHOSEN OF THE BEST PROJECT! - Winners of Garage48 hackathon "Wood" 2017

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