Sign-translator "Alice"

December 2016


While talking to a friend, who grew up with deaf parents, I came to a realisation, how hard it is for for totally deaf people to learn to read. I had always thought, that that's something, that deaf people don't have a problem with. But now I learned, that it is actually extremely difficult for them to understand grammatics, especially Estonian language grammatic, where we have 14 different cases, that the language user adds directly in the end of a word.

This inspired me to think of a practical solution.

Now first choose your favorite reading! For example book, magazine, newspaper, story from the e-reader or an official document!

I decided to combine similar translation apps functions with already under develpment sign-language translating website engine.

So now when not understanding something, open the app Alice on your smartphone and scan in the foreign word!

Finally look the word up in exactly gesticulated in sign language!