Pop-up Hotel for JuuJääb music festival


Materials: wooden boards, pvc stickers, felt, waterproof textile, metal posts, wood pallets

Team: Tiina Pärtel, Kätlin Mikker, Alden Jõgisuu, Mihkel Raev


A project together with Estonian Jazz festival JuuJääb (http://www.juujaab.ee/)
With the goal in mind to design and build up pop-up sleeping solutions for the festival visitors. Something, that people who don't like to sleep in tents would appreciate and prefer! 

Our solution was built up on euro pallets, using wooden boards as construction and walls. To make them waterproof, we covered them with colorful PVC stickers. We decided to make the entrance wide and big, so when opened, your house will turn into a practical terrace for relaxing in the sun. We filled the inside with tons of pillows filled with natural hay. This made the house smell pleasantly and was very nature friendly. Our front door contained a felt panel, which we covered with water resistand textile for tents. It functioned as a huge liftable door.
For extra compfort, we attached a camping sink outside for washing your hands and teeth.


In the beginning my team and I started our project with brainstorming about which materials keep sleepers waterproof, what could be the most comfortable forms for the building, which little add-ons would make this experience more memoriable etc.

We organised all the materials ourselves, mostly contacting manufacturers and asking for their production left overs.

A week before the festival started we went to the final location to build our hotel!

During the festival our buildings were judged by a special jury, who chose their favorite concept. There were also actual visitors sleeping and testing out the hotels. Which was a great opportunity to recieve instant user feedback!