Designer in Nepal

June 2016


After studying product design for three years and making internship in a huge international company. I had the urge to explore and learn more about raw hand-production and its product making experience.
I did lot of research and found a place called Sapana Lodge ( They have an initiative called Women Developing Project, where local, uneducated women learn to produce handicraft items, toys, bedlinings, bags and woven objects.


-> I decided to book my tickets to Nepal!

I was living on the edge of local jungle, Sauraha. Spent my days with my group of ladies. First getting to know more exact, which products and how they are making. Then developing my own designs and teaching them to make those!

During my time with the group I developed my team management and leading skills. I worked in a total foreign environment. My right hand through this experience was the porject manager, who took also the role of a translator. That said, it was mainly necessary to explaine everything through hands and body language.

By the end of this month I developed new hand puppet versions from their best selling jungle toys. Designed a series of unfoldable vowen boxes. Developed a new character - alligator and a pencil case from it and finally gave my input to few older products.

This is how they all look together! In case your interested of ordering them for reselling, just contact them directly: or through me!