Garage hub

January - April 2017

This is a project transforming old Sovie time garages into a social hub and area during the biggest music festival in Tallinn!

Team: Liina Soosaar, Sarah Thees, Anastassija Malkova

and festival volunteers

Garage makeover!

This was a project collaborated with Tallinn Music Week festival! It started from a one weekend Garage48 hackaton event in the end of January! Event was themed "Garages" and my team chose to work on the idea to turn old garages in the heart of Tallinn into something special during festivals in the city! 

During the hackaton weekend we brainstormed about the different directions and approaches we can take. We also went to the site and interviewed people passing by about their thoughts. After deciding on the concept, we brainstormed about details and how to present it, than made a small stop-motion video and physical mockup to introduce it!

After presenting our idea, we received a special price from Tallinn Music Week team and support to make this project into reality!

This meant after the hackaton week, we started to meet regularly with the creation team, dicussed our more precisely, chose our final location, by contacting garage owner and negotioting the terms for using them. Then with each meeting we went more into detail, started choosing out and organising materials, technical solutions, building plan and more.

One week before the festival we started building up the place on the site! Our core team had around 10 part time festival volunteers to help us with everything! We emtied old garages, made new passages, built floors, fixed holes in the roof, painted the walls, brought in electricity, etc - and one intense week later we were ready to open up this festival area!

Area was open 2-days during festival.

On Saturday morning it was location for a secret concert - all the festival visitors, who had downloaded Tallinn Music Week app, got a notification, that they should go to this address on same day at 5pm, to enjoy free concert of a famous Estonian! - By the evening our garages were packed with people!

On Sunday the area was filled with dj music, 3 exhibitions, ball pit for children, barbeque and bar for grown-ups and ping pong table for all everyone! Sun was shining and people were relaxing!