Kitchen robot for washing pans

Spring 2015

Materials: 3D printed plastic, plexi, rubber, brushes, sponge

In this project, the goal was to create a kithen helper to make our lives easier.
Next photo was one source of inspiration.

This little clever robot is made to wash your pans and pots. Just insert it after Cooking with small amount of water inside of your dirty pan and push the button. Brushes will start moving in a circle, making the device also move around the pan.

Your task will be to decide how strong of a wash you'd like to give your pans by choosing the attachable part yourself.

During the design process I used Google Docs to keep record of my progress. This tol made it also easy to share it with my mentor and a classmate for constant feedback.

Different stages during developing my design

Thinking through my pencils with countless amount of sketches

My final prototype was finished with various techniques: 3D printer for printing out the body and manually filling in the imperfect places, next coloring it.
Bottom parts are laser cut from plexi glass. For brushes I destroyed few existing brushes. And the attachments are achieved with the use of press buttons.