Camera for Crocs


Materials: Sika, Croslite

In this project we had an assignment to choose a company, who does not produce photo cameras.
I wanted to chose a compnay, that everybody knows about and that has something distingtive. 
- so I chose Crocs. 

I began my design process with research. Studying their excisting products and users I noticed more about theire very specific product language.

Additionaly I looked into the common problems and hacks regarding photo cameras.
But also kept in mind, company Crocs's mission and vison - to be easily usable on land and in water. I found it important to give those aspects also to my camera.

First I started sketching solutions on paper

Then trying those ideas out from plastiline and foam materials.

I also decided to contact Crocs local reseller to see, if there's a way joining our forces in this pojects! They were happy to give me some of their samples for material study and testing.

After many tests and mockups, I decided on the final design and built a real size mockup!

My final result also got media coverage on Crocs Estonia-s Facebook page: